Baby I think I’m in love

‘cuz baby when the push comes to shove

I think of you…



When i’m feeling all alone

When all the good feelings are gone

I think of you…


Wishing on a star

Lonely rides in the car

When you are near, when you are far

I think of you…


Everyday and every night

Every kiss and every fight

You give me joy when you hold me tight

So how can I not think of you?


Oh baby, I miss you

Oh baby, I think, I’m in love with you

I know I can’t live without you

You are the ONE… yes it’s you…


So please don’t ever leave me

Don’t ever give up on me

I know I don’t make things easy

But I try, I try for you


Yes I do

Yes, it’s true

Just for you…




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  1. this is beautiful mango 😀

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