A few days back, the Supreme Court of the United States made homosexual marriages legal in the entire country. This was a landmark 5-4 decision which inspired the entire world. This truly was a win for humanity. But as with every thing else that’s deemed good (except Oreos. I don’t think anyone can hate Oreos). this news too was received by some as a great abomination. While the negativity parade was led by the uber-religious bunch who desperately tried to interpret all known religious documents to try and prove that same-sex marriages are the works the of anti-christ (not really, Antonin Scalia had nothing to do with this! In fact, he opposed this.), what amazed me was the others who thought “two people having sex in privacy is my problem”. Or, “I should protect the survival of mankind by fighting the gays”. I respect the right for these people to have their own opinions, but that doesn’t essentially make the aforesaid opinions not-ridiculous.

Why should two people having sex in privacy, be that two men or two women essentially gross you out? No matter what you see on porn, ALL TYPES OF SEX ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GROSS! Sure, we like it. No, we love it but still! Whatever two consenting adults do behind closed doors should not bother you. Not-at-all. So if you’re outraged that the rest of the people who were happy that the world’s most powerful country embraced the LGBT community are not grossed out like you, trust me bud, you’re on your own boat and it’s probably called HMS Narrow-minded. Or maybe USS Pokey-nosey. You get the gist.

Secondly, I’ve often seen people argue that granting of LGBT rights would lead to the effective end of humanity. Apparently so because we’d put a stop to reproduction.

Are you for real?


There will be loads of perfectly heterosexual people willing to procreate. There will be people (regardless of their sexual orientation) who are willing to donate sperms and eggs. There will be plenty of women who’d happy to be surrogates. To help the aforesaid people, there also exists this thing called “adoption”. It’s like buying an iPhone. Only this time it’s a baby and you’ll be with the baby for life. Try not to drop it by the way, they are in fact as fragile as the iPhones themselves! (I know, this iPhone thing was a really horrible example)

Human cloning is an actual thing. Of course no one attempts it because the law considered it immoral and therefore has banned it. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that things change. Laws change. We once didn’t allow women to vote. We didn’t allow women to drive. Science changes too. We thought Polio was incurable. So was tuberculosis. But everything changed with time. So who’s to say that one day, human cloning won’t be a legitimate thing? (Can’t wait!)

In case the above mentioned wasn’t enough, 7 BILLION PEOPLE ARE HERE ALREADY AND MOST OF THEM LIVE IN INDIA AND CHINA! We sure can cut down on the rate of proliferation.

Also, the argument that children adopted by homosexuals are not brought up properly is extremely stupid. (Yes, there is no other word for it!). What a child needs is love and care. It doesn’t really matter from which parent it comes from. A father must be perfectly capable of teaching a child what a mother can otherwise teach. Same works the other way around too. This is not an alien concept. Single parents have been doing this for ages. By your logic, a parent from a heterosexual couple should not be allowed to raise a child provided the other parent departs or dies.

Marriage sure isn’t divine. Sure it’s a lot of responsibility. Sure it’s a very sentimental thing, but we came up with the concept of marriage to make our lives a lot easier. We needed firm boundaries because a marriage is two people living together. There will be ups and there will be downs. Marriage recognized by the law of the land makes things easier.

No matter how in love two people are, they would always be subject to primitive human elements we all possess. In such an environment, a legally recognized marriage provides them with a sense of safety. This should be granted any two people who are in love and who want to be bound by these covenants. Their sexual orientation shouldn’t end up being an onerous condition attached to such a fundamental right.

Do not hate. Do not hide behind your god or your traditions.

Open up your minds.

Embrace something beautiful.

(This post was originally posted by the same author at his native blog – The Diary of a Law Student)


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Pasan Weerasinghe

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