I breath away the memories,
stained with guilt and self induced failure..
while my heart clutches to the grit…
grit of the love i learnt from you
I keep forgetting the lessons
as the sands slip between.. grain by grain
through the pores of my relapsing heart
I have promised too much…
to erase without getting ripped apart
I have cherished too much…
to unloose without choking to death..
I have felt yourself, rusting within my heart..
through the muscle and through the skin,
synchronized with the “lub”s and the “dub”s
dying along with the shimmer I fell in love with
I have scraped the rust off..
until my fingers abraded to bone !
I have kept you away from the rot..
until I felt the taste of blood within my mouth !
Time has brought me here. now, at this moment
I should assent to the truth so obvious..
The truth that you are the divergent,
divergent from every-way I envisioned !
Should I bury you with all your memories and fragrances
to make them hard to recall and dwell upon?
Should I write thousand poems in the name of love,
to master the art of giving up and letting go?
Yes, I should ! I should do that and everything entailed
while I try, not to reach my key of tears and..
to take the heat within and burn away the pain.


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