The dull skies were forced open by faint streams of sunlight that struggled on its own to be a blessing to all earthlings who were under its control. Amongst a mass of machines covered in flesh, one faint beam managed to shine through the bars as she covered her face with a weary hand. Light was not something that she was fond of. Light was not an escape, light was a bondage. It exposed her to everyone around her. She had to hide, she had to hide in her dark corner. She had to simply run away from all existence. Because she was simply not meant to be.

As she turned around to face the wall, her vision began to blur once again with memories. They say one wrong decision can change you in two ways: good, or bad. Just like the yin and yang of life. Simply enough, she had chosen the bad in sheep’s clothing.


When she was a teen, her father had told her that love is like a fruitful tree. If it bears fruit in the right season, everything would be just fine. Well, not only did she choose the wrong season, but she chose the wrong tree. It was a beautiful tree that gave her shade. It gave her great comfort. This is all that she had wanted.

Little did she know that she was dining on poisonous fruit each and every day.


Once again she struggled to shield herself from the sunlight that began to forcefully enter her grim room. She had to wake up and face herself in the mirror. Shades of pink and nude from the previous night had managed to stay in its smeared places all over her face as it covered the gashes of pink on her pale skin. She saw several faces in the mirror, but the blankness was the same.

Her body ached from her relentless submission. She wanted to ease the pain. She had trusted, believed, given and lost.

She wanted revenge for all he had done to her. She wanted him to suffer for using her. She wanted him to understand. But little did she know that she was never in his heart.

She wiped a tear as she recollected all memories once again. The mess she was in was too complicated. Well, it was her decision after all. In search of comfort, she had eaten of the forbidden fruit…..

Life has to go on. Life could not end. She had tried to end it, but her time had not yet come. With guilt, with pain, she must live. She must go on. Memories will eat her flesh like hungry cannibals, but still her heart will be immortal. Because she knew that through all hurt, her love was true. There was no turning back. There was no erasing of time.

So she woke up. She wore her mask, and just like any other machine covered in flesh, she set out to submit herself into the controlling powers of the sun. After all, who was she? She was just a girl. Feeble, feminine,naive, and foolish.


The sun brings dawn. The sun has power ; to control, to burn, to give life. The moon is fair, beautiful, fresh, and soft. But as the world sleeps in peace, the moon wears a mask to hide her lonely heart.


As night arrives, she refuses to remove her mask. She makes love, she dances all night long. But as the night itself becomes weary, this lonely soul wanders into her dark corner and finally lays her mask to rest. As her heart is still awake, her mask smiles at her..for it also knows that it is a facade to all, but a mask to her.

A mask that hides her heart.


So morning dawns once again, and the sun traces her weary face. She wears her mask again….



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