Life is a rollercoaster, life is a game
Dashing smiles on a poster won’t bring you fame
Heard enough, Mr.Boaster, do you have no shame?
Don’t you realize that your 4-star stories are so lame?
Acting like you are a monster, but you can be tamed
Blushing like a big fat lobster when you see your dame
We know how you make her post her status with your name
Why’d you think you’re such a jokester, it’s always the same
joke, that’s why we faked the laughter everytime you came
Yes, you are a truth distorter, that’s how you overcame
the risk of being a sad potato, nicely placing blame
on me like I’m your garbage dumpster! Yes, you are insane!
But now I’m over you, imposter, hope you’ll burn in flames!



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