One thing is for certain. Adam was created first, not Eve. This stereotype would remain same irrespective of any environment. True it is, there are many feminist movements that try to cope up with problems of inequality, but up to date one sees nothing done. Irrespective of the rising great shouts and unrests the conventional society seems incapable of getting out of their male dominant, gender biased clothes and the primitive notion that men and only men should always take the lead.

How many times have we seen men bullying women, making flirtatious remarks, cracking jokes calling names, whistling as if to dogs and worse how many times have we heard of stories of sexual harassments within families? On the other hand I doubt there won’t even be a couple of times one has seen a man stand up to protect a women. Amazingly, these things come only in movies for we really know what the society would say to a man who takes the side of women. Surely there is a “He for She”!

One may also hold the opinion that these are the activities of the so called “lower social class”. Yet this statement is highly doubtful. Sexual harassments range from flirtatious remarks made by your boss at work, friend at school to the worst of all murder. Great the number is without your own knowledge! Reports show that on this basis that one of every three women has been subjected to some kind of harassment within an environment familiar to her.

Women in the traditional context is moulded into a society which makes them accept these harassments as a part of family life, their husbands mean of “keeping them within their bounds”. Particularly in Asian countries where everyone is strictly bound with a series of traditions and customs. Going against male dominant societies will only make them be questioned by society for men will never comprehend the fact that they have no right to inflict punishment on women merely based on gender and conventionalism, for feminism too in such countries are considered as going “beyond bounds without keeping their mouth shut”.

However, the tragedy of all this is the psychological trauma underwent by the victimized women. Have you ever thought for once, how the woman to whom you called a name or cracked a joke might be feeling? And what is more, the highest number of teenage suicides are caused as a result of post traumas of bullying and public humiliation. So, for once why don’t you just step into the shoes of such a woman and ponder on how they actually feel?

Considering that showing power over women, bullying them or subjecting them to harassments is a symbol of masculinity is actually so primitive. Further thinking that “A woman in mini skirt should be raped” is actually very sick. One small note to all the “MEN” out there real masculinity doesn’t lie in physical strength or making women look weak by harassing them but by always putting the woman first and showing respect. And what think you do to appear cool and trendy by suppressing women is actually so uncool for without an Eve another Adam would never have been born!


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