Our  calm and compassionate good king was very angry over few incidents for last few weeks. One was an obviously ecstatic young girl who got to share the stage with the admittedly gorgeous singer and the other a tosser with a great aim! The bra that was thrown at Spanish singer Enrique has now arguably become the most talked female undergarment, at least in Sri Lanka. So the reckless about the bra throwing incident has not settled yet and still there is an uneasy calm. At a hand things would have left hanging so to speak, if not for the fact that president decided to take matters in to his hand.  This issue assumed a life on its own then.

Let us take one step back and examine the issue objectively without getting excited  about the bra throwing. What the president basically said was the throwing undergarments at the entertainers and kissing them on stage was not in keeping with our culture which is reasonable enough. For the hype that has been generated about this is hard to imagine that even those who criticized the president harshly would want their sisters wives and daughters to going about throwing the undergarment willy nilly at entertainers! Further it is yet to discover  whether the bra was thrown by  a woman or a man. And it is well known that the bra thrown on to a stage is not necessarily one that has been removed from a person’s body, someone might have carried these smalls in their bags to fling at their idols.

So actually what went wrong? One group criticized the president for his conservatism, other group more politically motivated asked whether that this is the burning question of the day? President was criticized of his “moral politics” and questioned on how dare he interfere with the woman’s freedom of expression and some even called him “sira the bra”! The hindsight mistake made was when president kept silent on most other issues that affect you and me and everyone else but choose to speak about a bra that doesn’t really affect the majority and so went the outcry.

Moreover president Sirisena’s dress sense when representing the nation was also a topic of conversation. There were several “aiyoo sirisena” cries when he met with the queen of England and at Commonwealth Heads meeting. Further he did Sinhala speeches in international conferences to out raise the nationality, however the hilarious part came when the president send Sri Lankan majority Sinhala speaking us a new year wish in English.

Moreover the video currently doing the social media rounds – the deleted video of president Sirisena’s official song 2016 doesn’t help for his betterment. That depicts he was chosen by the kings of Polonnaruwa as a suitable person for the kingship. The president himself would have had some inputs and has participated into production of the video. So we  should remind him that we didn’t elect him to repeat the dynasty we were tired of.  So dear “angry” president, there is lot to correct. It is up to His Excellency to choose whether he would end his tenure as the next Parakkramabahu or a Sirisangabo to have “donated” the kingship, if he is not to take immediate actions on burning issues than talking about sexy stuff!



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