She looked into the playfulness in his eyes as the fork dug itself into her favourite cheesecake. Sweet indulgence was always their forte. As she hungrily worked her way through the softness of her favourite dessert, her gaze shifted from him to the horizon far beyond. She had always wanted to come to this hotel. A tinge of guilt overtook her as she looked at him again. He was playful, but tired of life in his own sphere of experience. After all, he was nine years ahead of her.

The last time when goodbyes were exchanged, he had just started his new job, and now he looked more of a giant with his new post as a manager. In his heart he could not help feeling that she was coming back with an ulterior motive. Well, can’t blame him though. For once a heart is shredded, and the person who caused it is willing to fix things,…there is a mystery.

As she playfully traced his shoe with her ankle, she could not help the renewal of feelings within her. It had always been good with him. She knew in her heart that he treated her like a queen.”And still he does”,lied her mind.

Tonight, he just could not resist her. After all, it’s been over a year since they met. The sparkle in her eyes were so mesmerizing to him. The fragrance of her skin had not changed at all. And those lips, they managed to carry the same charm which was always her forte.

As she flipped her hair to a side, she felt the urge of feeling his hand on her palm. Countless dinners, meetings… They used to be such a matching couple. Suddenly her heart began beating for him once again.

As he drew the credit card, he felt her hand engulfing his right arm, and leaning onto him. ” oh don’t get too close” he blurted out. The sensation already built within her received a positive vibe as soon as she heard the words. All she had to do was to rekindle the fire.

The walk down the beach was perfect. As the setting sun spread such lustre and beauty, she could not help but fall in love with this wonderful man.she looked into his eyes.. And he looked into hers.


As the roads were passing by , she could feel nothing but his body. The piercing pain she felt on her neck was harsh enough to make her cry, but she wanted this to work out. As he engulfed her tiny lips within his, she could only feel gushes of pain. This was not the man she knew. This was different. This was not what she wanted. She tried to feel the heart behind their sensual and passionate exchanges..but all she felt was pain.

She kissed him on the forehead, walked sulking towards home. She dint want to see the mirror. The phone vibrated, and the screen read, ” I’m sorry, you need to find a decent guy”. Too bad, she already felt blank.
Staring into the thin air, she flopped onto her bed with marks of shame she would have to carry around for a while. After all, she was to blame herself.

” why are you in bed so early? ” a voice cooed from the next room…

She replied…

” it was a very tiring ride men.. Just let me get some sleep”

She closed her eyes…. And,she closed her heart……



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