Within the rapid torrents of waves hitting the shore, he tried to find the voice he had lost long ago. It was hard enough to identify who and what had he turned into. But this is who he is now. There’s no turning back. He reached into his pocket and took out her picture once again. He needed that motivation of seeing those beautiful eyes that he had once betrayed.

Many a lips he had tasted..but hers was different. In fact, she was infectious. The first day when he had met her, her innocence had created quite a spark in him. But he had a motive. Use, hurt, and leave.

It was quite fair on his part. Every woman he had ever known had hurt him. He had heard from his grandmother how his mother had wanted him dead when he was born. He grew up feeding on such venom that it had affected his appearance as well. And then one day, as young as he was, he witnessed a sin so great that created a scar in him forever.

As he ran out of his house that day through the narrow line of houses down Nelson lane, he abandoned his manliness and let the tears flow till he reached the house of his sweetheart of sixteen. As he buried his head in her tender bosom, she pledged to never leave him. In few months time, he saw her walk hand in hand with a boy from the opposite lane.

For years he fed himself on hatred alone. At times when he thought of his father in prison, his hand would immediately slip to feel the little pen-knife in his pocket. Stranded in prison far away in the United states, his father had attempted to reach the land where dreams come true simply for him. But here, his one true love had betrayed him and their offspring.

The only relief was the regular puffs of the cigarettes and the pleasures of countless eves’. It helped him to relax his mind. Home was only meant for sleep. And with this, he grew into a man no woman would ever desire to live with. But he always knew to hunt for the perfect one, use her, and leave.

It was during one of these hunts her name popped up in suggestions. She looked amazing! Something about her was so intriguing. He stared at her eyes for a while, and sent her a message.

It took days to receive a reply. She actually sent him a request. We’ll this was getting easy for him. But they ended up speaking to each other for countless days, till it was the day to meet.


A tear strolled down his eyes as all the memories of her came into his mind once again. He remembered the night she took care of him when his hand was broken. He thought of the countless times she would drop in at work to bring over his favourite lunch. As he wiped the tear on her favourite shirt, he thought of the day they had gone shopping to buy it. She would dance and prance around him always, just like a little child. For her, he was everything she ever wanted.

He could feel the memories turn into spears. They went through his heart, one by one. As he struggled in muted pain, a glimpse of her face crossed his eyes. It was the night she had given herself to him. That night, for the first time, he had felt respect for a woman. And he wanted her forever. For the first time, he was in love.

He looked up to the sky as he saw the moon staring right at him. That was her favourite thing to do, walk with him under the moonlight. And it was under the sane moonlight he left her. He knew it would break her into pieces. But he had to do it. She had a future, she had a life. He had nothing.

The pain was excruciating now. His eyes turned blurry from the torrent of sorrow building up in his eyes. The phone call from last was the only sound he heard now. The milky white moon turned crimson as he gulped the last of the bottle of alcohol. ” she was pregnant when she killed herself”

Well the devil inside of him had won, though he never meant to hurt the only tinge of goodness that had crossed his life. She could have told him, but she did not. He had got his revenge, but she had managed to leave guilt in him forever.

He had turned pureness into a crimson moon.



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