When she asks about me, do not lie.

Tell her about the pastry shop we met as strangers; tell her how our first handshake triggered a wave of electricity that awakened the deepest of desires. Tell her how you looked back before you just got into the car, only to see me glancing over my head… Tell her how the world stood still as our eyes locked. But as you do, don’t forget to hold her hands, look into her eyes and say ‘I failed to see the depth in her eyes, but I do see yours’…

Tell her about our conversations that vaulted us away from ‘just friends’ to something that we couldn’t, and weren’t bothered to name… Tell her I kept you awake for quite some nights but the hours were all worthwhile. But as you do, don’t forget to kiss her on the forehead and whisper “Keep me awake darling; Let’s make the hours count”
Tell her that our kisses were melodious, a symphony you were craving time and again. Tell her that our lips were laced with raw desire, lust and the sensuality of two souls uncovering each other… It is perfectly okay to tell her that each time we were together, something magical took place and you took me to places I’ve been forever scared to venture… Tell her we were nothing but adventure and sould food. But as you do so, don’t forget to look at her and smile; then ask, “Baby, will you go on an adventure with me?”

Tell her that I loved you, oh I loved you so much that I let you go. Tell her maybe you loved me too, but you just couldn’t afford the price because you had too much living to do, and you were not in a place to compromise back then. But as you do so, don’t forget to take both her hands and kiss them, then look straight into her eyes and say “I don’t make mistakes twice. I love you, baby. Be mine, please”

Now my darling, if she is the right girl for you, her eyes will be tearful… Please don’t let her breakdown. Wipe her tears away and hug her tight… Let her stay that way for a while, trust me, nothing feels safer than your arms. In a few minutes, she will lift her head, stare straight into your eyes. Please don’t say anything. Let her…

And she will tell you how wonderful it is that you have been loved so much, and you are such an idiot to let me go. But, maybe this is destiny’s way of giving you a second chance, and she can’t wait to own it. She will tell you that she is ready to go on an adventure with you, and she will cherish each and every minute spent along the way. She will kiss you gently on the forehead and whisper, ‘I love you too, baby’.

I hope her words will send you over the edge, and I hope you will be hearing these words much more often in the future. This is when I have let you go forever. But as you leave, remember this:

I loved you, I still do and I always will.

– Sincerely, the girl who loved you, maybe a little too much



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